Kaj Chavda

Owner, Educator, Barber, Stylist

The owner of Filament Hair Inc, Kaj was born and raised in Edmonton and has been a stylist in the city for 10 years. She is a creative perfectionist who loves working with people and getting to know them personally. Many of Kaj’s clients have become lifelong friends, which makes work feel like fun. She teaches barbering to up and coming stylists in Edmonton and is constantly training to improve her craft. When Kaj isn’t working she is enjoying life with her family and friends.

Kirsten Carpenter

Apprentice, Barber, Stylist

I’m a 2nd generation stylist. I love being around people and watching them light up because I did something to make them forget their insecurities. Trust me I know. I am pretty shy at first too! Art has come naturally to me. I enjoy expressing myself through various forms. I love to draw and paint in my spare time and have been lucky enough to showcase my work at a local art gallery. Besides working behind the chair and giving peoples spark back, I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and travelling to learn about different cultures.